There are many ways that you can create quality outdoor living spaces on your property, without it needing to cost you more than it should. By making simple, yet attractive installations, you can add much more detail and charm to the space. Moreover, you give yourself quaint spaces to enjoy at your leisure, which is perfect for any lazy summer afternoons. At St. Louis Deck Builders, one of our most popular options in achieving this comes in the form of our pergola services. Our team can custom design a gorgeous new pergola for you and have it fitted into any part of your yard. Just let us know what your plans for the fixture are and you can leave us to take care of the rest. 

Bespoke Design 
Everybody has their own ideas of what the ideal new pergola would look like and we understand this. Our team only ever wants to achieve the perfect new installation for our clients and so, we are committed to offering bespoke design solutions on every job. All you need to do is sit down with one of our talented designers to discuss your ideas and wishes for your new pergola. Then, we can compile each one into the perfect design for you. 

Wooden Pergola Installation 
Once you have settled on all the details and features that you want in your pergola, you can leave it to us to execute. Most commonly, our clients opt for our wooden pergola solutions and that is because they simply have a timeless aesthetic, that cannot be matched. They are a great way to create a natural-look pergola, that seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space. And, when they are treated with rich, vibrant hues of wood stain, you can give them both gorgeous looks and maximum longevity. Simply leave the task to our team of professionals and allow us to create the perfect new wooden pergola for you. 

Vinyl Pergola Installation 
Or, if you would prefer to pay a little bit more for the guarantee of greater longevity, perhaps one of our vinyl options would be better suited. A vinyl pergola is a great way to bring a charming look to your backyard while assuring you of numerous additional years’ worth of use. They are much more resistant to the force of the elements and so, many people’s first choice. Therefore, if you think that a vinyl pergola would be the ideal thing to fit into your yard, let us know and trust our team to deliver the ideal thing. 

Great Prices 
And while you already know that you can guarantee the maximum quality with us, we know that this simply is not enough for everybody. Many people need to get the best value for money so that they can stick to their budget. At St. Louis Deck Builders, we completely understand this and that is why we are committed to offering our pergola installation services for some of the best prices in town.

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